Social Media Marketing

Harnessing the power of social media is one of the best ways to bolster your audience and engage the people who are ready to interact with you or your business. We can help you grow your brand by getting social with your current fans, and making new ones!


$75 per platform - A one-time training via phone or video chat for a given social media platform. We'll teach you how to grow your brand, engage your audience, and best practices.

Package deals available upon request.


$400 per month - We will curate your Facebook, Instgram, and Twitter feeds, and engage your audience on your behalf. Focus on running your business, and let us do the online work for you!

Discounts available for up front payment of multiple months.


$200 per platform - We will run your single social media platform for one month, but also give you the inside scoop on why and what we're doing while we do it, so that at the end of our involvement, you will be primed to be a Social Media Pro!

Package deals available for multiple platforms across multiple months, upon request.